Tutorials and revision materials

In addition to the online courseware you will be/are using in lessons, I have compiled a series of links which you can use at school, but also at home to help you get ahead and be more prepared for the assessments


Self assessment checklists

It is worth printing a copy of each checklist below and ticking off the areas you feel comfortable with. You can then see where you may need to spend some more time prior to the test

Module 3 – Word processing self assessment checklist

Module 4 – Spreadsheets self assessment checklist

Module 6 – Presentations self assessment checklist


General revision

There are a great set of tutorials available for Microsoft Office 2010 available below. They enable you to select the particular aspect of the software you may be having trouble with


There also tutorials on the Teach ICT website specifically covering Modules 3, 4 and 6* of the ECDL here

* Wherever possible, you should select 2010 versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint when requested. You can still use 2003 and 2007 versions, but it may look slightly different.



Complete Video tutorials

Microsoft Word 2010


Microsoft Excel 2010


Alternative Video tutorial – Spreadsheets: Using Excel 2010


Microsoft Power Point 2010


What you need to know is outlined here:

The module outlines for the BCS Level 2 ECDL Certificate in IT Application Skills can be viewed here:Word processing software screenshot specPresentation software screenshot spec

Improving productivity screenshot specSpreadsheet software screenshot spec


Sample tests

Click on the links below to download the sample tests and the work files that are needed to accompany them:


Module 3 – Word processing

Module 4 – Spreadsheets

Module 6 – Presentations


There are some more examples here:


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