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Interactive clock

Use this interactive clock to find out how to convert between the 12 and 24 hours clock.


Interactive clock

Or use this one to work out time by going forwards or backwards in minutes and hours

Move hands clock


Form time ideas

This is a great little website that students can access on their iPads in the morning during tutor time. Not only does it have some useful facts and subject specific content, but it also has a numeracy and literacy focus for the day.


You and your students can access the page on your iPad at

App of the week #11. Educreations

Educreations is a FREE app that turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. It allows you to insert images, record your voice and anything you write. As a result, you can produce your own video lessons that you can then share online. Ideal for a flipped classroom approach to setting homework or for providing students with revision materials prior to exams.

Whatever you create is then stored online and can be accessed by students on a computer or iPad both at home and at school. There are also a wide variety of Educreations created by others which you can use as well.


Key features

  • Help students with homework by working through an example problem.
  • Put your lessons on the web so students can watch them before and after class.
  • Create revision tutorials
  • Add your commentary to key processes, images, diagrams etc
  • Record and replay your voice, handwriting and drawings
  • Add text to any page
  • Add photos from the iPad camera, Photo Albums, Dropbox or the Web
  • Animate images by dragging them around while recording
  • Pause and resume recording anytime
  • Create multiple whiteboard pages
  • Create a free account on and choose who can view your lessons
  • Share your lessons via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Embed your lessons on your blog or website

Interested? Here are a selection of subject specific examples:




Want to have a try at creating one yourself?

Watch these video tutorials to help you get started


Visit the Educreations website here for more details and download the FREE app here


App of the week #9 – Popplet

Students can use Popplet for learning both at school and at home. By creating their own mind-map, Popplet helps students think and learn visually.


An example:


Students can collate facts, thoughts, images and video clips and show the relationships between them.

It can be used on a computer via the internet or as an iPad app.

Video tutorial. Watch this straightforward tutorial to help you get started:

Visit the website here: Popplet website

Download the app here: Popplet app (there is a cost involved).

Alternatively, you can get Popplet Lite for FREE

How to use small number of iPads in a lesson

Although it is ideal to have one iPad per student, there are times when not every student has one or remembers to bring theirs into school. This can make things more difficult if you have planned a lesson using iPads.


However, all is not lost. You can plan activities when you have a limited number of iPads in the classroom.

Take a look at this website: 8 iPads in the classroom It has a whole host of ideas which may help.