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Comparing fractions

Play a game to see if you can compare fractions with different numerators and denominators

You will need 2 players

Print and cut out the fractions playing cards (click on the image to download the cards)

fractions game image

Play the game:

  • Place the cards face down on the table.
  • Player One turns over one card.
  • Player Two turns over a different card.
  • Use the fractions wall below, to see which fraction is bigger.
  • The player who turned over the card with the biggest fraction, wins both cards.
  • Repeat this process.
  • Once all the cards have gone, each player counts their cards
  • The player with the most cards is the winner


Fractions wall


Kahoot quizzes – Maths



Stage 5

Addition and subtraction

  1. Basic addition
  2. Further addition
  3. Basic subtraction
  4. Further subtraction
  5. Addition and subtraction – double digits

Place Value

  1. Place value  – Tens and ones
  2. Place value – Ones, tens, hundreds and thousands
  3. Place value – order, words and numerals

Multiples and factors

  1. Multiples and factors 1
  2. Multiples and factors 2
  3. Factors and Greatest Common Factors (GCF)


  1. Times tables  – up to 12
  2. Multiply 3, 4 and 5
  3. Multiplication up to 12
  4. Multiplication – 10 qus


  1. Basic division
  2. Further division

Roman numerals

  1. Roman numerals 1
  2. Roman numerals 2
  3. Roman numerals 3


  1. 2D Shapes – A
  2. 2D Shapes – B
  3. 2D Shapes – C
  4. 3D shapes – A
  5. 3D shapes – B
  6. 3D shapes – C

Area of rectangles

  1. Area of rectangles 1


  1. Introduction to angles
  2. Angles  – Name the type 1 
  3. Angles – Name the type 2


  1. Rounding 1
  2. Rounding 2
  3. Rounding decimals 1 


  1. Time by the hour
  2. 12 hour clock faces
  3. Reading analogue clocks
  4. 24 hour into am and pm
  5. 24 hour time conversion
  6. Converting time – Challenging


  1. Coordinates – 10 questions
  2. Coordinates – 10 x 10 grid

Ratios and Simplifying

  1. Ratios and simplifying 1
  2. Ratios and simplifying 2
  3. Ratios and simplifying 3
  4. Ratios and simplifying 4
  5. Ratios and simplifying 5

Algebraic Substitution

  1. Substitution 1
  2. Substitution 2
  3. Substitution 3
  4. Substitution 4
  5. Substitution 5


  1. Perimeter 1
  2. Perimeter 2
  3. Perimeter 3


  1. Fractions – Bronze 1
  2. Fractions – Bronze 2
  3. Fractions – Bronze 3
  4. Fractions – Silver 1
  5. Comparing fractions – Silver 2
  6. Improper fractions – Silver 3

KS3 Maths quizzes and games

Have a go at some of these games and quizzes.
Good luck – Mr Drake


Section A – General Maths quizzes and games

Daily 10

Brain Games – Maths games

Access Maths games

Maths quiz questions by skill

Maths Under the Sea

Skills Wise games

Skills Wise Maths quizzes


Maths quiz questions (IXL)

Cool Maths games

Maths Champs

Top Marks Maths games

Maths kids games

Hit the button

ABCya! games


Section B – By topic


Number bonds

Whack a mole




Adding whole numbers (column method) – MathsPad

Addition –

Addition – Maths Playground

Alien addition

Dolphin feed

Jet ski addition

Tug boat addition

Canoe puppies

One digit addition Basketball (2 players)

Multi-digit addition Basketball (2 players)

Adding 2 digits football (2 players)

Countdown game




Subtraction –

Subtraction – Maths Playground

Island chase

Minus mission

Subtracting 2 digits football (2 players)



multiplication-symbol – Multiplication

Multiplication –

Multiplication – Kids Maths games

Times table mazes – MathsPad

Multiplication – Maths Playground

Grand Prix multiplication

Canoe Penguins

Tractor multiplication

One digit multiplication basketball (2 players)

One digit by two digits multiplication basketball (2 players)

Multiplication jeopardy (up to 4 players)

Hit the button

Times tables memory game

Swimming Otters

Beat the clock

Table targets

Tug of war tables


Factors, Multiples & Square roots


Factors and Multiples – MathsPad

Factors Millionaire game

Square roots Millionaire game

Factors and Multiples jeopardy game (up to 4 players)




Division – Kids Maths games

Division –

Division – Maths Playground

Demolition division

Division Millionaire game

Short division basketball (2 players)

Division with remainder football (2 players)

Division Drag Race


Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and measurement (all in one)


Maths for kids – Stage 1 (Easy)

Maths for kids – Stage 1 (Difficult)

Maths for kids – Stage 2 (Easy)

Maths for kids – Stage 2 (Difficult)

Mixed operations Basketball (2 players)

Pacman – Mathman



Fractions – Kids Maths games

Fractions – Sheppard Maths

Fraction amounts – MathsPad

Dirt bike fractions

Fractions catapult

Multiplying fractions Millionaire game

Dividing fractions Basketball (2 players)

Simplifying fractions football (2 players)

Fractions jeopardy game (up to 4 players)

Fraction Beach

Improper fractions and Mixed numbers



Decimals – Kids Maths games

Decimals – Sheppard Maths

Ordering decimals – MathsPad

Subtracting decimals Basketball (2 players)

Multiplying decimals Basketball (2 players)

Adding decimals football (2 players)

Subtracting decimals football (2 players)

Decimals jeopardy (up to 4 players)

Puppy Chase – Fractions to decimals


Place Value


Bamzook – Place value headings

Number line game

Place value Millionaire

Mystery numbers

Place value – Car race game

Place Value Hockey – Try both numerals and place value

Place Value Basketball


Roman Numerals


Build the columns games and quizzes

Mine mayhem

Pirates at sea (1 or 2 players)

Roman Numerals memory (up to 4 players)

Crocodile game

Roman Baths – Roman numerals game


Shapes, symmetry

Shoot the shape

Symmetry matching

Symmetry sorting

Reflect and rotate

3D objects and 2D shapes


Garden symmetry

Conveyor belt shapes

Shape Mods

Shape Inlay

Test your knowledge 1 – 3D Shape interactive (select 3 minute timer)


Test your knowledge 2 – 2D and 3D shapes

Test your knowledge 3 – 3D nets

KS3 Bitesize – Quizzes and tests (Shape and space)



Percentages – Kids Maths games

Converting fractions decimals and percentages – MathsPad

Changing fractions and decimals to percentage – Millionaire game

Fractions, decimals and percentages memory game (up to 4 players)


Basics of statistics

Mean, Median and Mode – Kids Maths games

Mean, mode and range – Sheppard Maths


Pre-Algebra and Integers



Integers – Sheppard Maths

Adding negative numbers (video tutorial and questions) – MathsPad

Negative numbers boxes game (2 players) – MathsPad

Negative arithmagons – MathsPad

Adding Integers 1 – Maths Playground

Adding Integers 2 – Maths Playground

Multiplying Integers – Maths Playground

Combining Integers – Maths Playground

Orbit Integers

Integers jeopardy games (up to 4 players)

Integer number conundrum

Ordering negative numbers (headphones needed)



Algebraic Millionaire game

Algebra puzzle grid

Algebra Smash



Sequencial reasoning – Tower of Hanoi



One step equations with additions and subtractions Basketball (2 players)

One step equations Basketball (2 players)

Two step equations Basketball (2 players)

The Equations game




Rounding to decimal places – MathsPad

Rounding decimals football (2 players)



Simplifying surds – MathsPad



Classifying angles – Noughts and Crosses

Project trig – Rocket mission



Telling the time games

Hours and minutes game

24 hour Snap

Time and date – Entry 1 and 2 quiz

Time and date – Entry 3 quiz

Time and date – Level 1 quiz



Measuring in centimetres

Area and Perimeter


Presenting data

Bar charts



How much money left?