About the ECDL qualification

What makes up the course?

BCS Level 2 ECDL Certificate in IT Application Skills (QCF) 600/6943/0

  • Module 3 – Word processing
  • Module 4 – Presentations
  • Module 6 – Spreadsheets
  • Improving productivity


What qualification will you get?

ECDL is awarded according to a four-tier grading structure, ranging from pass to distinction star:

  • Distinction* 58 points
  • Distinction 52 points
  • Merit 46 points
  • Pass 40 points


What are the modules?

Word processing – Module 3

  • Creation of word-processed documents: entering text, editing and formatting work, using graphs, tables and pictures for a professional finish, and effectively using tools such as the spell-checker and mail merge.

Spreadsheet software – Module 4

  • Working knowledge of spreadsheets, from entering data and formatting worksheets, to creating charts and producing high-quality documents.

Presentation software – Module 6

  • Producing high-quality presentations using a variety of tools including charts, graphs and drawn objects.

Improving productivity using IT

  • This unit looks at using tools to save time and effort when producing word processed documents, presentations and spreadsheets.


What support and guidance will be available?

In order to help you pass each section, you will be provided with:

  • Online courseware (video tutorials for each unit).
  • Additional tutorials and resources to fill any gaps in your knowledge – these can be accessed via this site.
  • Practise papers.
  • Diagnostic tests (mock assessments).


How will you be assessed?

  • Each test is 45 minutes long and is completed online
  • You will complete a practise paper first to see what your level of competence is already.
  • If necessary, you will complete an online tutorial to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and use additional resources both in school and at home.
  • You will then complete an online diagnostic test (mock exam) to see if you are ready to take the final assessment.
  • If you are, you will complete the assessment. Here, you will get immediate feedback as to whether you have passed.
  • If you are not, you will revisit the online tutorials to fill in any gaps in your knowledge before you take the final assessment.


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