KS3 History games, quizzes and puzzles


Have a go at some of these games, puzzles and quizzes. The first section has a variety of different History games. The second section is divided by topic

Good luck – Mr Drake


Section A – General

KS3 History BBC


BBC Interactive Games

School History Games

Ducksters History


Section B – By topic

Choose a game, quiz or puzzle by topic:



Motte and Bailey castle jigsaw

Walk the Plank

Ducksters Castles – Read the info and then take the quiz

Quiz yourself on Castles

Castles Quiz

Pacman Castles Quiz

Manic miner




Matching Pairs


The Black Death

Black death quiz

Black death spread jigsaw map

Black death crossword

Plague picture puzzles

Plague scambled words

Plague Doctor game

Black death wordsearch

Black death Penalty Shoot-out (you need a login for this one – ask me for it)

Black death – Bitesize multiple choice quiz

Black death – Fun trivia multiple choice quiz

Journey through the Black death

Ducksters multiple choice quiz