Geography games and quizzes


Below is a collection of games and quizzes with a geography theme via geogabout

Have a go! Good luck – Mr Drake


UK maps and places

UK geography statetris game (one of my favourites!)

Name the UK cities (against the clock)

Locate that landmark


European countries

Name the countries in Europe

Click the countries – Europe (against the clock)

European countries statetris game

European countries multiple choice


Countries – Rest of the World

Countries of the world multiple choice quizzes

Name the countries in Asia

Name the countries in Africa

Name the countries in North America

Name the countries in South America


How many countries can you name?

Guess the place – Geoguessr

Capital cities around the world

Geography maps games

Sporcle geography quizzes

World geography games

Think you know your world cities?


Natural Hazards

Stop disasters – simulation game

Find the volcanoes

Hurricanes quiz

Hurricanes quiz 2

Hurricanes quiz 3

Hurricanes quiz 4


Rivers and flooding


Water Cycle


One to watch – Water cycle animation

Water Cycle sword battle

Water Cycle wordsearch

Water cycle – water drops game



World rivers map quiz

Seterra World rivers map quiz

Bitesize rivers and flooding activity

Bitesize rivers and flooding multiple choice quiz

Rivers Penalty Shoot-out

Rivers of Europe map quiz

Rivers of England map quiz

Quiz factor – UK rivers

Rivers of Europe map game

Crickweb Rivers games

Global Eye – Focus on rivers

Rivers and Water Cycle quiz

GridClub – UK Rivers

Rivers – Grade or no grade quiz




Know your rich countries from your poor ones?



JetPunk geography quizzes and games

Sheppard geography games

Lizard Point geography quizzes

Purpose geography games