App of the week #13 – iBrainstorm

Really simple to use and an effective way for students to get ideas down quickly. This could be from taking notes during a video to discussing ideas from a stimulus photograph used as a starter in the lesson.


Once ideas have been added to your project in the form of sticky notes, you can then move them around, add arrows, colour code them and annotate them. 

Here’s my quick effort.:


What I also like is that because you can choose your colour for each sticky note, this can be used by the teacher to give feedback and ideas during the lesson (red) and then students can respond and follow up (green) in line with our school marking policy.

One done, you can then export via email, Google docs etc and print out so that students can stick in their books as evidence of the work completed. Plus provides evidence of marking and students responding to marking.

Here’s a quick VIDEO tutorial if you need it –