App of the week #12 – Lino

Lino is an online stickies app. You can post, see and peel off stickies on canvases freely. Stickies posted from this iPad app can be also be accessed from your PC


How could it be used in the classroom?

Student can note down their ideas and findings when researching a topic. This could be text, images or a useful video clip they have found. In addition, students can use lino to share ideas and to have a discussion with their classmates. You can create or configure a group from a PC. With the iPad app, you can post, see, move and peel off stickies.

You could use a Lino for students to submit and share questions or comments about tasks they are working on. Use it as a virtual graffiti wall for students to note down their ideas and then help each other to make connections. As students create their board, they can colour code and organize their ideas


A few subject specific ideas:

• In Geography, History, RE or English lessons, students could collect information whilst watching a video clip. Then spend time organising and linking their notes
• In Food technology students could create ingredients or receipe boards
• In DT, students could collect ideas for designs and products, whilst attaching research into appropriate materials and construction techniques
• In Art lessons, students could collect ideas and images from various artists or around a theme

Find out more via the Lino website here


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