App of the week #10 – i Motion

The i Motion app allows students to create stop motion animations using their I pads.


It is a great way for students to explain difficult concepts, processes and ideas in a more creative way, using Lego, playdoh, mini whiteboards or good old fashioned coloured pens and paper. It is also an effective way for students to create an animated mind map to summarise their learning as a revision tool.

Student example 1 – Here is a good example of how models and playdoh can be used to show a process. This animation shows how Longshore drift works in coastal geography

Student example 2 – This video shows how animation can be used to explain the formation of coastal landforms like caves, arches and sea stacks, along with the erosional processes that contribute to their formation.

If this is something you like the look of and would like to explore further, take a look at the simple step by step tutorials below:

Below is a good tutorial which shows how students can use the app to create Mind maps for revision proposes, or to teach others in the class about an idea or concept.

In addition, the video below shows how the app can be used to animate inanimate objects in order to tell or story or show a process.