Using iPads in the lesson starter

Some ideas….

Starter – Conversation: Show an image featuring people, relating to the lesson. Students have to act out the conversation that might be happening, which can be recorded on their iPad using video star and shown to class.

Starter: Constantinople – Pupils have 3 minutes to make as many subject key terms from a long word displayed on the board

Starter: ‘Say what you see’ Show the class an image. Students have to take photo with their iPad and annotate with a description as if trying to describe to someone on the phone

Starter – Connections. Read out 4 keywords linked to lesson. In groups students have to suggest a connection & lesson focus – plus possible fifth word

Plan a ‘sharp starter’. Something that means I do not have to say anything for first five minutes of a lesson. I say less. They do more. For example, student scan QR code on the classroom door as they enter which takes them to a resource, article or video clip as a stimulus.

Start with a quick game: Blockbuster template to use as starter or plenary:

Starters, a nice selection: via @tesResources

Start the lesson with a thought provoking image relating to the lesson and ask students to take a photo with their iPad. They then annotate with questions that it poses.