App of the week #6: Using Showbie – A bluffers guide

Showbie – Setting, sharing and collecting work using iPads

Why would you use it?

If you would like to cut down on the amount of photocopying you have to do for lessons, then Showbie could be for you. It allows you to assign, collect and review student work using iPads.

This could mean an information sheet that students need to complete for homework can be sent, for students to read without the need to photocopy. It could be a link to an exam paper that students could attempt as an extension task, or a list of useful revision websites or a worksheet you have already got, to be used in the lesson.

You could adopt the ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach and provide a link to a video that you want students to watch for homework, ready for the next lesson.

If you feel brave, you can ask students to submit completed work to you too via Showbie. As your students submit work, Showbie keeps everything organised in one place.

How do you set up?

Watch this video tutorial for a step-by-step guide

Where do I get more info?

There are more tutorials and information on the Showbie App You Tube Channel here